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Total Recall Owner and Head Trainer

My name is Justin and I’ve been training in some form or fashion since I was a teenager.  Though I have had many years of experience training dogs, I believe what makes me most successful is my passion for not only your pups, but for you.  When I take on the responsibility of training your precious fur baby we become Puppy Family!  My goal is to see you and your pup get the most out of your relationship.

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On Duty (Therapy, Emotional Support & Service)

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Therapy Dog Training

Purpose Driven

Therapy dogs play a different role than emotional support and service dogs. Therapy dogs are dogs that are trained to help you, help others. They typically live with their owners and volunteer in clinical settings, such as hospitals, mental health institutions, hospices, schools, and nursing homes, where they provide comfort, affection, and even love in the course of their work.

This is an amazing purpose for some dogs and their human companions.  This takes a lot of training and a desire to serve others by sharing your time and your love of dogs. Therapy dogs are proven to lower the risk of stroke, seizure and heart attack simply by allowing others to pet them. They can help ease stress and anxiety. Youe team can be the key to making someones worst day their best!

Emotional Support Dog Training

Ease Your Burdens

Although all dogs offer an emotional connection with their owner, to legally be considered an emotional support dog, also called an emotional support animal (ESA), the pet needs to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness. A therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist must determine that the presence of the animal is needed for the mental health of the patient.

We train these ESA's to be obedient and respond to your emotional needs. Nothing like having puppy love to cheer you up!


Service Dog Program

I'v Got Your 6!

Sometimes we need a little extra help and most importantly a loving companion that always has our back.  Not every dog is cut out to be a service dog and the training is long and rigorous.


Service dogs typically take 1-2 years to get fully trained to provide the needed help required by their human companion. There are a lot of variables, like age, breed, temperament and of course the needs of the handler.  

We would love to help you!  All you have to do is call and ask!

Very nice staff. My dogs nails were like razor blades! They let me come in even when the original groomers weren't there. Came highly recommended and didn't disappoint.


Rena Cochran

“Some people talk to animals.  Not many listen though.  That's the problem.”


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